Certified Wedding and Event Specialist

Leaving an impression on someone!



My name is CHRISTI CLINGAN, owner of Unique Event Designs. I am a:

  • Senior Event Designer, Stylist, and Decorator;

  • Certified Travel Agent;

  • Certified Minister;

  • Event Photographer.


My heart shines brighter than the sun, and I love giving advice and guidance concerning all types of events, not only to clients but to family and friends. I have the spirit of a Spartan warrior when creating a unique event. I believe it is a GOD-given talent, and I use my abilities to assist my fellow man (or woman).

As I approach my 25th year in this fantastic Industry of Weddings and Events, I understand the changing trends. Because of this, my continuing education with the world-renowned Event Planner DAVID TUTERA has shown me the importance of the 'Planner-Client Relationship' and how to be bold in my business.


I am "Standing Up, Stepping Foward, and Standing Out" to show you how I differ from others in the Event Industry.


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Events Big and Small

My team will travel wherever your heart desires to produce an event that tells the story with every one of your senses (Soda Pop Effect)  that continues well past when the guests have left your event.

Whether we represent a family, an item, an organization, or a reason; our work grasps encounters that incorporate an inventive plan with the best in wine and mixed drinks, eating, music, diversion, and—most vital of all—that immaterial component of shock.


@ UniqueEventDesigns

Committed to taking Ordinary to Extraordinary

Unique Event Designs is a one-stop resource for unique, beautifully designed, and expertly executed events. Our clients come from all walks of life in The Great State of Texas. Each event is a teamwork effort with some amazing partners in the wedding and event industry. We pride ourselves on crafting exceptional events that are not easily forgotten.


​Our design-savvy, passionate planning team excels at interpreting your vision and ideas, seamlessly bringing them to life. From logistics and lighting to entertainment and hors d'oeuvres, we take care of every detail. Go ahead and enjoy - we've got it covered.

Once upon a time...

Married Man and Wife
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I have celebrated all types of events in my personal and professional life, and I've felt the worry and stress that comes with planning any type of event. So, I know where some of my clients might be coming from.

I was a bride too!

MY WEDDING: I killed my car y'all, and had to replace it, right before the wedding! When it was all said and done, it went by so fast! I felt I had missed out on something important...


I realized that I wanted to help others, by creating an experience that was relaxing, joyful, and intriguing, and allowing my clients to experience the relationship and bonding time associated with some of the most influential moments in a person's life.

I am now an event designer with the education and experience to assist you in your event.



  • Unique Event Designs was created on April 1, 2008

  • Our first event was on AUGUST 18, 2008

  • Unique Event Designs filed our DBA on October 10, 2011

  • Unique Event Designs filed our LLC on March 8, 2019


  • MY MOTTO: GOD, Family, Friends, the STATE of TEXAS, and the Country;

  • I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, wife, mother, step-mother, and even a grandmother...

  • I drink bottled water, sweet Southern Ice Tea, Dr. Pepper, and Venti Mocha Frappuccino;

  • I am a registered "True Blue" (GO COWBOYS!) since 1973;

  • I am a little bit of Old School and a Little bit of New School;


  • I belong to a family with members who have served in every service branch of our country's military and have been proud to serve (and still do)!

  • Great...Granddaughter of Sarah Dodson, creator of the original Ti-Star flag of Texas (father's side);

  • Fifth cousin of Elvis Presley (mother's side);

  • Related by marriage to Daniel Boone (father's side);

  • Related by marriage to Davy Crockett (mother's side);

  • and there is a Royal Crest in my family (mother's side) too!

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Where It All Started

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The Association of Bridal Consultants stands with Me as an independent member to speak up and combat any discrimination I see anywhere.


“Each of us also has an obligation to speak up and combat ANY discrimination that we see, among venues, or anywhere. It is the right thing to do so. It also helps everyone to work in more open and fair wedding industry.”

— David Wood, President

Code of Ethics


As members of the Association of Bridal Consultants, we pride ourselves on the following Code of Ethics that sets us apart from other Wedding Planners and Vendors in the industry. It is our promise to:

  • Represent each client fairly and honestly, providing all agreed-to services in a timely and cost-efficient manner

  • Establish reasonable, proper fees for services and provide written estimates to each client

  • Use honest and factual advertising

  • Deal with employees fairly, in an unbiased manner

  • Disclose to clients any payment received from suppliers

  • Operate a business that is a credit to the Association and the community


Standards of Membership


We agree to:

  • Supply information is essential to help the Association provide factual reports on the wedding industry.

  • Cooperate with Association activities and efforts to promote and improve the professionalism of the bridal business.

  • Respond rapidly and honestly to all complaints forwarded by the Association.

  • Supply, on request, the evidence on which any advertising is based.

  • Uphold the Code of Ethics and cooperate with the Association in all matters.

  • Use the Association’s name/logo as authorized

  • Pay all Association bills promptly.