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HMUAS: Hair Makeup Artists

Aside from each of their kits costing anywhere from $3K and up, They get up before sunrise and drive to a group of women, where there are emotions from excitement to possibly sick to their stomach; with nerves and it’s up to the HUMAS to bring peace and joy. They’ve held hands with brides and done breathing exercises to bring them out of a panic attack. They’ve dried tears of brides who wished their mama could be there on this momentous day. They’vefloral covered up an eye with Al fresh stitches from an accident the night before. These are the things that aren’t taught in any course and simply have to be experienced. To handle all of this with grace and confidence is where the big girls (and boys) play.


And We’ve sewed flower girls into their gowns because their zipper busted. My team made a floral crown out of dental floss and bridesmaid bouquet flowers when the florist forgot the bride’s flora crown and didn’t have time to zippers go back and get it.


We LOVE professional photos even more when the photographer sends them to us.

That's the next story...Stayed Tuned!

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