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The Art of Events: Unique & Nostalgic Wedding Trends for 2022

Many couples use their wedding day as a way to honor their family traditions. The pandemic, however, has brought the desire to be nostalgic to another level. Looking for ways to incorporate some nostalgia into your big day? Here are some ideas to inspire you! Serve Family Favorites Skip the usual chicken or fish entrée and instead offer some of your favorite dishes from your childhood. An experienced caterer should have no problem putting a twist on family recipes so that they can be served to a large crowd. If you don’t want to change up the main course, showcase these foods during the cocktail hour, along with signs to explain why you are serving them to guests.

Offer Some Sweet Treats The nostalgic dessert table. “Imagine all your favorites from Cosmic Brownies to Nutter Butters artfully arranged like a candy charcuterie board—a treat for the eyes as well as your tastebuds!” she says.