Unforgettable Memories of All Types...

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We’ve been in the event production business since 1998 and have tons of excellent work to look back on. Check out some of our past events for inspiration and confidence as you choose the Wedding and Event Planning Company that’s right for you.


This is an excellent opportunity to tell you a story. This story helps you understand the context and background of our work and how we can help you in the details and execution of your event and even find the solutions to problems.


I had a wedding on a lake a few years ago for which I was doing day-of coordination only. The ceremony was on the other side of the lake, and the most efficient way to reach the ceremony site was via boat. Driving was an option but a good 20 minutes or so. Though I had told the client that in inclement weather, the outdoor option could be risky as not only were they encouraging guests to take the boat, but we were not allowed inside the house itself. It poured rain as the ceremony began. Seventy-five people were waiting without cars, except for the few vendors, and the two boats were not allowed to operate when lightning was in the area. So between myself and the caterer, and one guest who happened to drive, we transported all 75 guests on the 20-minute trek to the reception hall. I was later credited by the groom during toasts at the reception, acknowledging that I had suggested a plan B, and they declined, thinking it wouldn’t rain on their big day.


Bridal Shower - the most epic fling before the ring

It's Raining Men -  When you think "bachelorette party," there is a 100% possibility that Las Vegas will spring to mind. So we planned the ultimate Vegas weekend adventure if you're planning your best friend's bachelorette party in Las Vegas, where you'll find a complete itinerary, from how to kick off the party with a bang, to the final brunch guaranteed to cure even the most gnarly hangover.

An Event or Wedding in Almost Any Space or GARAGE!

Events at Home, are not a new concept, but the materials we now have to work with can make any space special!


The Goom's Shower - Before the Mr. says I Do

Man-showers or bro-dal showers, events that celebrate a man’s first step into marriage, are increasing in popularity. If the future bride can have a shower, why not the groom, too?


Hollywood Glam

Lend a touch of glamour to your contemporary space with this striking Hollywood Glam. The champagne finish and mirrored accents make this a stand-out event.

Old Hollywood Glamour


Ah… the glamour and sophistication of the red carpet are almost irresistible. Whether you are hosting an Oscar night viewing party, a red carpet anniversary event, a sweet sixteen, a fashion show or a milestone birthday celebration, there are a few details that will separate a red carpet party from all others and make the occasion memorable for everyone who attends.

Red carpet entrance